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Bum-kit head!

I was sitting on the couch, blissfully winding a beautiful new skein of rainbow sock yarn from Expression Fiber Arts into a ball. Winding by hand is an almost meditative exercise, and I was peacefully contemplating the kinds of stitch … Continue reading

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Container potatoes update

Well, I’d been writing about the container potatoes gardening experiment I’ve been conducting on Facebook, so I’ll sum up what we’ve done so far here. If you’ve never tried growing potatoes in a pot, you need to try. It is … Continue reading

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Sinful Confessions

Originally posted on 4 Mothers:
Do you sneak-eat cookies in the pantry while insisting the kids have had their fill?  Do you lie to the other moms and tell them that you made the cupcakes for the bake sale while crunching the…

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Blueberry pancakes =survival of the human race?

I’m sitting here cooking blueberry pancakes because, well, what’s Saturday family brunch without blueberry pancakes? I love my kids unconditionally. That doesn’t stop me from occasionally wishing they lived in a fenced-in house in the back yard. Because I love … Continue reading

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My whole body’s sore, and I didn’t even have to do push-ups.

There’s something about having small children that makes me feel like I have a little window into military life. I was awoken at 4am sharp today to feed a hungry newborn going through a growth spurt. This afternoon I had … Continue reading

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When Things (yes, I mean my kids) Fall Apart

I love being a mom, really. But not right now. Now is that time of day where things fall apart. The Helpful Toddler is refusing to nap during Mommy break time, creating so much noise in the process (is there … Continue reading

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Chillaxin’ after the family run.

Don’t you wear sparkles and wings on your outings?? It still amazes me how many needs are fulfilled by running as a family. I get the support and encouragement I need to get back into shape after having that baby. … Continue reading

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