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Parenting Truths I Learned The Hard Way

When kids are the teachers, the only way to learn is the hard way. Continue reading

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Tea Life

Confessional: I’m not a coffee drinker. In most circles I’ve moved in, that’s not a popular habit to have. Actually, it’s not a popular habit  to have regardless of the people I spend time with… Taking on parenting without caffeine? … Continue reading

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Bad Blogger Confessional

I wrote a post last week. I was almost done and then I fell asleep. Literally sitting up still holding my smartphone. I bet you automatically pictured me with my mouth hanging open, drooling like a goober, while the Helpful … Continue reading

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Art in August (Whadduya mean August is almost over??)

I signed up for Art in August over at Laptop on the Ironing Board. I did, I swear. I’ve done a few artsy type things. I’ve been too lazy swamped driven crazy by my varmints unable to post the results … Continue reading

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How Reproduction and Productivity are Diametrically Opposed.

Yesterday was a tragedy of human history. Let the hyperbole commence! Okay, it was only tragic to me. And only to the small corner of my brain that is still somehow convinced that sanity is possible after children. Yes, that … Continue reading

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Sinful Confessions

Originally posted on 4 Mothers:
Do you sneak-eat cookies in the pantry while insisting the kids have had their fill?  Do you lie to the other moms and tell them that you made the cupcakes for the bake sale while crunching the…

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When Things (yes, I mean my kids) Fall Apart

I love being a mom, really. But not right now. Now is that time of day where things fall apart. The Helpful Toddler is refusing to nap during Mommy break time, creating so much noise in the process (is there … Continue reading

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