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Sleep When, uh…Toddler Sleeps?

My kids never really get sick. Whenever they start with the coughing or the runny nose-ing, they sleep extra. Chatty Baby has slept in until 10 am every morning this week. Helpful Kid has actually been napping in the afternoons. … Continue reading

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Mommy Break Time Gone Awry

Well, my girls made it through the day alive, fed, and relatively unscathed. So this day counts as a win. We’re not going to talk about the alleged decibels that were reached in the course of the day. Okay? Okay. … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are hard for me. I’m not a morning person. But then I’ve mentioned this before. Monday mornings are especially hard. It’s almost like we go out of our way to make Monday seem like the worst time of our … Continue reading

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