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Sourdough Misadventures

Another lesson (re)learned the hard way. Continue reading

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Pressed Sandwich Kind Of Happy

Relatively few small appliances live in my kitchen. I prefer to have only workhorses. In my house that means the stuff we use all the time: the standing mixer, the food processor, the scale, the ice cream maker, and the … Continue reading

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Sourdough Banana Bread Recipe AND Art in August.

Two things going on here today. First, sourdough banana bread. Oh, yes, I went there. Cream together 5 tbsp butter, 1 tsp salt, and 3/4 loosely packed brown sugar. Add 1 and 1/3 cups fresh whole wheat flour, 2 eggs, … Continue reading

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Updated Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipe

Some of you may remember this recent recipe of mine for chocolate hazelnut spread. Yeah. This is about how long it took us to get through the last batch. Turns out, 2 and a half cups lasts a pretty long … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon workout…

Pizza for dinner. Fresh ground whole wheat sourdough homemade sauce raw cheese style. Woo! A few steps removed from take out. Just a few. Instructions lat-ah. I’ve got to get on with this!

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Happy 4th!

We like to think we don’t spend Independence Day like your average American, but in the end, well…we do. We started out blueberry picking at a local farm. The Helpful Toddler impressed me with her ability to put about as … Continue reading

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Food (used to) = Hard Work (June 3)

I spent part of this morning renewing my appreciation for how much physical labor has obsolesced in first world countries these days. There are still jobs that require heavy labor these days, but it used to be that MOST jobs … Continue reading

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