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Parenting Truths I Learned The Hard Way

When kids are the teachers, the only way to learn is the hard way. Continue reading

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Knock knock.

I made the mista…uh, decision* to introduce the girls to the classic “interrupting cow” knock knock joke yesterday. They have since developed their own versions, as follows. The Not-Quite-As-Rude Misnomer Cow Helpful Kid: Knock knock. Approachable Man: Who’s there? HK: … Continue reading

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Sleep When, uh…Toddler Sleeps?

My kids never really get sick. Whenever they start with the coughing or the runny nose-ing, they sleep extra. Chatty Baby has slept in until 10 am every morning this week. Helpful Kid has actually been napping in the afternoons. … Continue reading

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Bad Blogger Confessional

I wrote a post last week. I was almost done and then I fell asleep. Literally sitting up still holding my smartphone. I bet you automatically pictured me with my mouth hanging open, drooling like a goober, while the Helpful … Continue reading

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Traveling, Celebrations, and… Liar, liar, pants on fire?

Trying to sit down and write a post after so long kind of feels like trying to call your spouse and accidentally dialing your grandma instead, and not realizing the mistake until she excitedly says, “Hello!” You can’t just hang … Continue reading

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The Helpful Toddler’s Very Busy Day

So. I’ve been sick. It’s like I got sick and my body was like, “Hey, since we’re here, let’s do a system-wide cleanout!” Hooray for me. Today was one of those days where I could really use some rest to … Continue reading

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Art in August (Whadduya mean August is almost over??)

I signed up for Art in August over at Laptop on the Ironing Board. I did, I swear. I’ve done a few artsy type things. I’ve been too lazy swamped driven crazy by my varmints unable to post the results … Continue reading

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