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Heirloom tomato candy

I’m a bad double poster today. I couldn’t resist sharing about this tomato today… We had our first home grown heirloom tomato off of the vine today. It was probably the ugliest tomato I have ever eaten. Deep burgundy red … Continue reading

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Helpful Helpful Toddler?

Oh, Helpful Toddler, today we mark an epic moment. For this historical moment, you lived up to your pseudonym in a non-satirical way! For a little while, and then you were “tired.” We won’t mention how you went straight to … Continue reading

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Motherhood is so easy, a Rocket Scientist couldn’t do it.

The Hungry Baby is 9 months old. Where does the time go? These 9 months went faster (and rather more comfortably for me) than the, uh, first 9 months of her life. Having children is like a time warp. Every … Continue reading

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Vacation is Hard on Bloggin’ Mamas

Who says a watched garden doesn’t grow? I do. We left this dinky little garden for one week, thinking, “Seriously, how much can change in a week?” See? Things were limping along, growing their little hearts out (yes, thank you, … Continue reading

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Life (with a toddler) is an Adventure (on steroids)

Yes, life is an adventure. But an adventure is also an adventure. An adventure with a toddler? INSANITY. Okay, it’s not that bad. It just feels that way 95%, no, uh, 90%, or how about, oh, forget it sometimes. So … Continue reading

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Updated Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipe

Some of you may remember this recent recipe of mine for chocolate hazelnut spread. Yeah. This is about how long it took us to get through the last batch. Turns out, 2 and a half cups lasts a pretty long … Continue reading

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Clock cozy

IJ and I have had this clock since college and I insist on hanging it in the living room. Its tick is a comforting nostalgic sound for me now. But it’s black. Since the main color in the room is … Continue reading

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