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Mommy Break Time revisited

I can sleep when I’m dead, right? Continue reading

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Mommy Break Time Gone Awry

Well, my girls made it through the day alive, fed, and relatively unscathed. So this day counts as a win. We’re not going to talk about the alleged decibels that were reached in the course of the day. Okay? Okay. … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Sufficient Mommy Break Time

Today is one of those days that are so bad I can’t even laugh about it. At the end of last year I had a full week straight of those days in a row. That’s when I stopped blogging for … Continue reading

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Schedule Adjustments And Clueless Salesmen

So. I have this thing on the wall that controls my life. No, it doesn’t call me Dave or sing any songs about Daisies. I mean I have a weekly checklist that takes the place of my oozing brain when … Continue reading

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Sinful Confessions

Originally posted on 4 Mothers:
Do you sneak-eat cookies in the pantry while insisting the kids have had their fill?  Do you lie to the other moms and tell them that you made the cupcakes for the bake sale while crunching the…

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“Mommy, I rea-y rea-y have to frow up.” This would be CE’s 4th attempt for the afternoon to get out of MOMMY BREAK TIME (aka nap time). It has been suggested to me that she fights nap time so hard … Continue reading

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Remembering to Rest (May 22)

What a long day! Laundry, bathroom scrubbing, kitchen clean-up, mowing, dentist appointment (ugh), family run, cooking 3 bean chili with leftover focaccia… Days like this are never followed by days like this. If I push myself extra hard one day … Continue reading

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