Butterfly String Art Project

I’ve been working on a string art project and finally finished. Like, on the wall finished.


My studio. Still being decorated...

I may or may not struggle with the the last 10% of my projects. It’s like the excitement has worn off and I just want it over, so I find the finishing touches to be kinda tedious.

I love the inspiration and planning part of any project. I also look forward watching the form of it unfold and grow. But then there’s the last part, like sewing in ends and seaming in knitting, where I’m like, “WHY isn’t this OVER yet??”

Approachable Man thrives on the finishing touches, so we make a great team. But when it’s for a knitting or art project, it’s all on me. Ugh. Am I the only one that gets more tired the closer I get to the finish line?

But, oh, hey, I finished one! I thought, if I finish this, I can make a blog post about it.

And now you know the real reason for this blog. Oversight.

Ahem. Anyway! I wanted to try my hand at string art, since I’m surrounded by yarn anyway. And butterfly seemed like the obvious motif, since I love all things butterfly.

String art is where you put nails in a board in a pattern, and then string yarn around the nails, either randomly or in geometric patterns. I used paper patterns for placing the nails that I drew out myself in order to make the thing symmetrical.

Here’s the progression:


First round of tiny nails.


Anyone remember spirograph?



Took me about 5 tries before I was satisfied with the pattern for the body.



I felt like it was looking pretty good, but still missing something at this point. Balance maybe?



Anyway, that’s my finished project. Hurray for finished projects! Next I’ll likely be planning patterns for some summer knitting, hopefully for some things to be ready for cool weather in the fall.

I used to make a lot more wall art, usually in paint, but haven’t so much since I took up knitting. It was nice to revisit such an undertaking!

What have you all been working on?

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