Saturday Brunch

Some weeks are so awful that the only way to get on the right foot for the weekend is to go all out first thing Saturday morning. Especially since I had nothing better to do after being kicked out of my own bed because “There’s no room and I’m getting SQUISHED, Mooooommy! Waaaaah!

Yep. Off to a great start.

I’m calling this brunch, even though it’s being served as early as breakfast because of my tiny hungry morning person (how the heck did I give birth to a morning person?!). But, you see, if I call it brunch, it helps me pretend like I’m a grownup with grownup hopes and dreams.

Although, I should likely give up on that dream to sleep in on the weekends…


Brunch menu today:

-Roasted asparagus and garlic scape frittata
-Fried potato pancakes
-Purple cabbage sauerkraut

……and an extra large cup of Earl Grey Creme, without which none of the rest would have happened…

And now Approachable Man is cleaning the kitchen. Yay, weekend!

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