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Walking the Dog

Early to…rise? Continue reading

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Father’s Day Adventures

Happy Father’s Day! Continue reading

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Pink Princess Promenade, or Why I Fell Asleep In The Middle Of Writing This Post

I’ve got a bit of a backlog of blog posts going on right now. This is what happens when you take a break. So look forward to more good stuff coming up (look forward, darn it! -_-). As some of … Continue reading

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Schedule Adjustments And Clueless Salesmen

So. I have this thing on the wall that controls my life. No, it doesn’t call me Dave or sing any songs about Daisies. I mean I have a weekly checklist that takes the place of my oozing brain when … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon workout…

Pizza for dinner. Fresh ground whole wheat sourdough homemade sauce raw cheese style. Woo! A few steps removed from take out. Just a few. Instructions lat-ah. I’ve got to get on with this!

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Making dinner takes ALL day sometimes.

It is amazing to me how much work this picture represents in my house now. For the simple salad (arugula, lettuce, and radish) in the upper left, we had to build and fill and plant and weed and water the … Continue reading

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Food (used to) = Hard Work (June 3)

I spent part of this morning renewing my appreciation for how much physical labor has obsolesced in first world countries these days. There are still jobs that require heavy labor these days, but it used to be that MOST jobs … Continue reading

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