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Walking the Dog

Early to…rise? Continue reading

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Weekend Report

Just a rainy day. Continue reading

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Pink Princess Promenade, or Why I Fell Asleep In The Middle Of Writing This Post

I’ve got a bit of a backlog of blog posts going on right now. This is what happens when you take a break. So look forward to more good stuff coming up (look forward, darn it! -_-). As some of … Continue reading

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Schedule Adjustments And Clueless Salesmen

So. I have this thing on the wall that controls my life. No, it doesn’t call me Dave or sing any songs about Daisies. I mean I have a weekly checklist that takes the place of my oozing brain when … Continue reading

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Chillaxin’ after the family run.

Don’t you wear sparkles and wings on your outings?? It still amazes me how many needs are fulfilled by running as a family. I get the support and encouragement I need to get back into shape after having that baby. … Continue reading

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