Chillaxin’ after the family run.

Don’t you wear sparkles and wings on your outings??


It still amazes me how many needs are fulfilled by running as a family. I get the support and encouragement I need to get back into shape after having that baby. The dog gets his fill of exercise, sniffing, and marking territory. The girls get fresh air, sunshine, non-digital entertainment (it DOES exist), and a good example for staying fit that hopefully will stick with them through life. Hubby and I get a chance to talk about and unwind from our days… aaaand daydream about future plans. I presume my husband gets something out of it exercise-wise. It’s hard to tell because, well, let’s just say my requirement for him during these runs is that he must LOOK like he’s running, even if it’s more uncomfortable than walking (it would deal my pride too fatal a blow).

Good stuff!

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