Pink Princess Promenade, or Why I Fell Asleep In The Middle Of Writing This Post

I’ve got a bit of a backlog of blog posts going on right now. This is what happens when you take a break. So look forward to more good stuff coming up (look forward, darn it! -_-).

As some of you know, IJ and I are all about family fitness. At this point in our lives, that means putting the girls into the double jogging stroller and going for a walk or run. If we’re walking, sometimes 3.75yo CE walks, too. But mostly, our aim is to set a good example for them.

We would run first thing when IJ got home from work, and be eating dinner by 6 in the evening. Easy peasy.

And then came the f@$#!& dreadful Schedule Change. And it was no longer possible to follow the old plan of running after work. The 8:30pm dinner time didn’t conflict with the girls’ 8pm bedtime in theory. I thought that dinner would at least be nice and quiet. But you know how these things end up in practice

So our choices for family fitness became 1) turn into a fat, lazy slob (just me, not my bean-pole bike-commuting hubby–it just wouldn’t be possible); 2) get the girls ready to go and take them and Pup by myself, pushing an extra 70 lbs up and down these stupid hills by my lonesome (I can hear deranged laughter…oh, wait, I think it’s coming from me… nevermind); or 3) run before work.

If you clicked on the link to refresh your memory of our scheduling dilemma, then you might also remember that I am not a morning person. NOT. A. MORNING. PERSON.

I like the idea of being awake and outside in the cool pre-dawn, watching the sun rise through the mist with my best beloved. But this idea is like the little dancing light in the deep trench scene in Finding Nemo. Then the monster with the big teeth shows up alarm goes off at 5am and BAM!

Good feeling gone.

I also dislike the taste of coffee (be honest–how many of you just thought ” blasphemy!”). So we haven’t made it out to run in a while. It was looking like option 1 for me.

But this week is The Week. The Week Of Getting It Together. I realized the pressure of running in the cold (okay okay–coldish) combined with early morning was too much for my frail morning resolve to actually climb out from under the covers. Couldn’t do anything about the early morning part, so we changed the running part to walking. Much less pressure.

Plus, I feel free to bundle up ridiculously with walking in a way that would just be irritating in running. So what if the kids in shorts and t-shirts at the school bus stop were staring at my cowl pulled up over my nose and knit hat pulled down to my eyes? At least I’m not acting like a human petri dish (seriously, kids, would a freaking jacket kill you?!).

We’ve barely squeaked into the new routine this week, counting even short walks (i.e. walks not generally worth the enormous effort of getting two small dependent girls out of bed and ready for the cold) as victories. Those, too, help to establish new habits.

I’m fully aware of how ridiculous we must look. Walking our whole family in the dark and cold. But it’s better for everyone long term. (Please let it be better for everyone in the long term. Please.)

Just how ridiculous do we look?

The girls ride along in their pink jackets and pink blankets, looking for all the world like they’re on a princess sleigh ride. Minus the, uh, sleigh.


IJ wears his bike commuting gear, including his weather- and wind-proof balaclava. It makes him look like a ninja. The neon yellow reflective bike jacket makes him look like the stupidest ninja in the world.

“I will sneak this princess sleigh and fru-fru dog through the neighborhood stealthily…and, uh, safely.”


(*Note* I would like to take this moment to point out how much I love and respect this man, and I appreciate all he does for us. Especially in situations like these. Ninja joke used with permission. .. sort of…)

Here’s approximately how I look on these walks:


As you can see, there will never. ever. ever. be a photo of that.

I believe this next picture sums up how the Helpful Toddler feels about these early morning awakenings.


Where are all staring, you ask? Why, right at the spot where I sit to eat breakfast! What are they all standing over, you wonder?


The big soft one. Laying on its side, like a body at a wake.

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy f-f-f-f-family. *nervous twitch*

I’ll be napping with one eye open, I think.

What’s your all’s favorite time to exercise? When do you actually get to do it?

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