First Big Harvest!

Summer is the part of the year where all the work starts to pay off. A glorious glorious time of year.

Summer is also when it becomes too freaking hot to work in the garden. A tragic tragic time of year.

We solve this problem by working on it super early. And every day I do that…I die a little inside.

Not a morning person here.


Top left: kale and collards
Bottom left: Garlic harvest is in! plus some small early onions
Basket: early red potatoes
Middle: carrots from thinning (plus a lonely red radish)
Right: Beets and their greens (which are edible as a leafy green vegetable)

Also coming in right now are scallions, lettuce, and bok choy. The tomatoes are getting ready to turn. AND there are some baby pumpkin buds on the sugar (pie) pumpkin and big orange Halloween pumpkin plants!

The battle with the bugs continues, however, as they’ve stunted the growth of the summer squashes, watermelon (WHY??), cantaloupe, cucumber, pepper, and eggplant plants.

We shall be victorious. Darn it.

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