An “I’m Still Alive” Update

Would it be weird to express a preference for a fever over a cold? Both leave me without the will to live energy to cook, but the former also leaves me unable to eat.

That’s one of the most insane win-win scenarios the motherhood-rewiring of my brain has ever come up with.

So far.

So I have a cold. Hurray. And my family is slowly starving to death as a result. Or, at least, that’s how the kids are portraying their lot. I would likely have recovered by now if I didn’t have to keep dragging myself up from horizontal to scrounge for sacrifices to the tyranny of small bellies.

They’ve figured out I’ll give them almost anything to make the noise stop.

We may or may not be in trouble now.

We may or may not resort to watermelon for dinner.

Stay-at-home moms really don’t get sick days. :-/

I’ve been quite busy, hence the long break between posts. We did some vacationing last week, which was tooooooooooooo nice. The stress of getting back to routine resulted in this cold.

Live some, learn some.

Now, please excuse me while I play hide and seek with my children. Pro tip: If I don’t tell them that’s the game we’re playing, it makes the game much more fun for me.

Of course, we could also call this the “crawl into a corner and mutter ‘It’s almost the weekend…It’s almost the weekend…It’s almost the weekend…’ with a blanket over your head” game.

Today, I’m #keepingitreal.

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