Rain, Radishes, and Revelry

The weather has been rather cold and rainy for the last eon month or so. My garden has been suffering a bit from the colder than usual temperatures. All that rain doesn’t do much good if the little sprouts freeze to death. In freaking late-May. But you know what grows really well in sub-par conditions?


It finally stopped raining for a little while. It was long enough to do some much needed weeding in the garden, thank goodness.

And now I’ll add “thank goodness it stopped raining long enough to do some weeding” to my list of things I never thought I’d say.

The rain and chill has at least been okay for the radishes!


3 kinds of radish plus a couple of leeks

It’s always nice to see the growth of the vegetables I’ve planted and reflect upon how much work goes into the food we eat. How many weeks worth of effort do those delicious looking radishes represent? How many do I need in order to feed my family? How long could we survive a zombie apocalypse?

Somehow I suddenly feel like our fence isn’t quite tall enough…

End of civilization aside, it felt good to go out and dig into the soft earth and tend to the needs of the plants that will ultimately tend to our needs.

Any day where I can get my hands dirty in the garden has to be a good day, right?

Happy Monday!

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