Sourdough Misadventures

Today I remembered that I had overfilled the sourdough starter container, with the intent to use it the next day. I did not end up using it the next day. I didn’t have time. This slip would have been completely fine if I hadn’t completely forgotten about it.

This was 2 and a half weeks ago.


I was reminded of the duration of the overfilled condition today when I pulled the starter out of the fridge.


Why, yes, that hard plastic lid IS bowed out....

I tried twisting the lid a bit to test it, and, as anyone who has not spent much time lately with toddlers and/or had more than one paltry cup of caffeinated beverage could have guessed, it didn’t budge in the slightest.

The realization that I would have to pry the lid off and that the lid might break remained, unfortunately, uncolored by the corollary thought that maybe I should make the attempt to do so outside.

The good news is that I *did* manage to remove the lid and save the starter…

In a word, KABLOOIE.


Adding this to the list of things sourdough starter and champagne have in common.

The lid didn’t just break; it shattered.


Not all of the tiny shards were retrieved.

Globs of sourdough flew everywhere, but, somehow, happily, miraculously, they completely missed my barely-started cup of rosebud and silver needle white tea sitting next to the jar. Had my tea not been spared, there would have been tears and screaming. Instead there was only laughter tinged with hysteria and one small dog running for his life.

Maybe the experience has value as a homeschool chemistry lesson? Maybe I have learned not to overfill the starter jar? Maybe I just need to make bread more often?


Now please excuse me while I go clean the ceiling…


Sourdough starter and Pancake batter have very similar consistencies. T_T

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2 Responses to Sourdough Misadventures

  1. salpal1 says:

    oh dear – glad you were able to laugh! and save the starter. sour dough is one tough creature. 🙂

  2. vkhanson says:

    I can relate! I love my sour dough starter….I call her Sally. I’ve never had sally explode (I leave her lid slightly loose. But I have had her offspring explode when the dough rose like crazy sealing the air vents. As you said Kablooie. On the plus side…now I know how to spell Kablooie. 😉

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