Tea Life

Confessional: I’m not a coffee drinker. In most circles I’ve moved in, that’s not a popular habit to have. Actually, it’s not a popular habit  to have regardless of the people I spend time with…

Taking on parenting without caffeine? It’s a no brainer.

No, really, if you try to tackle parenting without caffeine, you will have no brain left. It will turn into a squishy mass of soft bleh that your toddler will find indistinguishable from their playdough, even to the point of taking great pleasure in plastering and grinding your hopes and dreams indelibly into the carpet.

Seriously. Caffeine.

So, I have a pretty good collection of strong black teas to choose from.

But after the kids are in bed, the herbal half of the tea cabinet comes into play. Here’s tonight’s calming blend:



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