Mother’s Day

We’ve been pretty busy so I’ve been really freaking exhausted too tired to write a post.

It’s been raining forever in the mid-Atlantic region. I cannot believe how much time it was raining. I couldn’t mow all that time (shame) so the yard is a jungle now. On the bright side (irony intended), the onions, radishes, garlic, and potatoes are growing almost as well as the grass.

We’re spending Mother’s Day weekend rearranging rooms in our house. My studio is now the playroom and the playroom is becoming my studio.

Advantages: more space, more storage, more hiding from the ki…enough advantages.

Disadvantages: We’ve been in this house for 5 years. I just finally got my studio painted a beautiful shade of blue somewhere between clear sky and shallow Caribbean sea. I waited 5 years for that paint job. The old playroom? Still the previous owner’s pastel sponge-paint that she decorated in the early 90s.

I cried a little at the thought.

But, for Mother’s Day,  I’m not just getting new space–Approachable Man agreed that the switch would come with  immediate painting!

It’s hard work, but looking good. Yaaaay!!

For the life of me, though, I can’t figure out how he comes out of painting with clean hands. I mean, who does that? Amiright? Anyone? …No? 

Oh, come on.


This is more normal...RIGHT??

The biggest revelation today was how much the kids love their new space. They played in it nicely almost (translation: they only screamed their heads off for us every 20 minutes instead of every 30 seconds) the whole time we were painting.

It’s the small victories.


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