New Toddler, Same Conversations

Wiggly Toddler (entering the room and wailing): Waaaah! I hurt my knee!

Approachable Man: Aww, come here and show me sweetie.

*WT crawls into his lap and sticks dirty thumb firmly in her mouth*

*whimpers softly and pathetically*

Helpful Kid (entering and holding out flower): Here, this will help you feel better!

*deposits flower and runs back out*

WT (muttering under her breath): Don’ wanna feel better.

Me (distracted): What did you say, sweetie?

WT: Nothing. Here, Mommy, flower for you.

*holds out flower*

Me (hands full, working on knitting project): Uuuh, why, thank you.

*struggles to retrieve proffered flower and set it down*

WT (eyes on flower): What are you goin’ do with the flower?

Me (trying to focus): Mmm?

WT: Actually, I wan’ the flower back.

*holds hand out expectantly*

Me (blinking at hand): Uuuh…oooookay.

*struggles to pick up and returns said flower*

WT (brightly): I feel better now.

*jumps up and runs out to join her sister*

Me: Huh?

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