Knock knock.

I made the mista…uh, decision* to introduce the girls to the classic “interrupting cow” knock knock joke yesterday. They have since developed their own versions, as follows.

The Not-Quite-As-Rude Misnomer Cow

Helpful Kid: Knock knock.
Approachable Man: Who’s there?
HK: Interrupting cow.
AM: Interrupting cow who?
*awkward pause*

The Non Sequitor Cow

Wiggly Toddler: Knock knock.
AM: Who’s there?
WT: Nana banana.
AM: Nana banana who?

They have also picked up the classic principle that jokes can only become funnier with each retelling, regardless of the brevity of the interval between tellings.

Approachable Man is now introducing them to “Interrupting Starfish.” I predict tears in the near future.

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