Mommy Break Time Gone Awry

Well, my girls made it through the day alive, fed, and relatively unscathed. So this day counts as a win. We’re not going to talk about the alleged decibels that were reached in the course of the day. Okay?


We finally got around to having lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon. Longest. Morning. Ever. I’m pretty sure our old analog clock’s second hand wavered in one spot and then started ticking backwards at one point. See? Time warp slowing down time. Or it could be that the clock needs new batteries. Whatever. It was poignant, anyway.

Helpful Kid (4yo) and Chatty Baby (1yo) were hungry enough to eat quickly (Thank you, Lord), and then, an hour late suddenly, it was the most magical time of the day.  Naptime. Or, as I like to call it…


We had finally gotten around to taking the Helpful Kid to see Frozen last weekend, joining the legions of other parents who have “Let It Go” stuck on a continuous loop in their heads. Yes, legions. Seriously people; we waited this long for the movie to go to the *durn* local cheapie theater. Which it still hasn’t. What happened to solidarity?! Why couldn’t we all wait for the cheap theater?! Don’t you look away! I know you have one in your area!

*cough, cough*

Um, what were we talking about?

Oh, yes. The point is that Helpful Kid came home and spent the next week playing “Frozen.” She was obviously Elsa. Chatty Baby was clearly Anna. Me? She informed me that I was one of the maids that showed up for a split second in the beginning.

Are we starting to get the picture? I REALLY look forward to Mommy Break Time. Like a lot. Like I would marry it and have its babies…which ultimately would defeat its own purpose…so it’s a good thing it’s a thing and not a person. The salient point is that Mommy Break Time is the time in which I get to feel like the leading lady in my story. I get to feel like a person with interests and pursuits about which other adults might actually like to hear.

Whaaaat? Other adults don’t always want to hear about the slow but sure destruction of my sanity and property my beautiful children ALL the time??

Shocker, I know.

I got to have an actual conversation about fiber arts (spinning and knitting and the like) with an actual adult (an artist!) at an actual party last weekend. It was my FIL’s birthday party, but, as my in-laws are from NYC, it was quite a sophisticated little get together. It was a beautiful moment for my adult-conversation-starved mommy self.

Back to today. I arrived at Mommy Break Time pretty exhausted. Making plans for how to spend it was difficult to focus on. I had recently started a new knitting project that I’m pretty jazzed about (okay it’s just socks, but still…). But I also felt like I needed a run and the wonderful wonderful endorphins that go with it. But I was kinda tired and wanted to get to the knitting. But I felt like a slug and needed to run on the treadmill. Either way, I had a date with a mindless show on Hulu. Right?


Clearly, the thing to choose in this situation is to spend 3 hours making a shopping list on the Ikea website and filling my Amazon shopping cart. 

Oh, well. That’s life, right? I have to just let it go…”let it GOOOOO…can’t hold it back anym…”


Have you other moms out there had a similar experience of wasting your few precious moments of alone time?

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2 Responses to Mommy Break Time Gone Awry

  1. Amazon is a black-hole!!! It got me one time (okay, twice) during nap time too, They just keep offering suggestions and then I click them and then THEY offer suggestions and I click them and, well, you get the picture. And everything ends up on my wishlist or my cart to wait until the next nap-time. I got absolutely nothing done. Today’s nap-time, however, is dedicated to blogging:)

    • Haha, yes, the ol’ recommend-more-things-I-will-clearly-like trick. Gets me all the time. I skip the wishlist these days. It seems more like reality to put things in my cart and save them for later. Smh.

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