A Whole Lotta Cold


Long a** day out and about with both girls by myself: fitness classes, haircuts, well child checkup, grocery shopping…

I. Am. Exhausted.

The Girls. Are. Cranky.

In my mind getting home = bliss. Snacks and naps all around. Quiet knitting time. Maybe even some mindless Netflix/hulu watching.

….aaaaaaand it’s 59°F in my house. The heat is running, but not heating. I haven’t even taken the baby out of her stay puft marshmallow snow suit. Not all of us should freeze, I reasoned.


Fuzzy, but you get the idea.

Furnace probably needs a new filter.

Now let’s play a game.

Guess what was on my shopping list for our run around like crazy people who like to go out as little as possible because it means carseats and windchill and whining for snacks and surprise potty alerts, and therfore get it all done at once day that I forgot about until it was too much trouble to turn around for?

I’ll give you two hints:
1. It was the darn filter.
2. For the furnace.

If Grandpa wasn’t rescuing us with a new filter on his way home from work (hubby takes the train–this is faster), I’d be a slowly freezing puddle of exhausted sadness on the floor right now.

Let’s hope a new filter is all it needs…

Stay warm, people!

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