On the Importance of Sufficient Mommy Break Time

Today is one of those days that are so bad I can’t even laugh about it. At the end of last year I had a full week straight of those days in a row.

That’s when I stopped blogging for months. So, to prevent a reoccurrence of the Great Silence, I need to fess up to how bad today is.

Every other thing the kids want to play with today is something they know full well is off limits. The Helpful Kid is helping the Chatty Baby reach things I purposely put out of baby’s reach because of fragility or dangerous-ness. Every single “no” is being met with a screaming tantrum. Every legitimate toy is being thrown across the kitchen (a BIG no-no in this household). I’m pretty sure the Helpful Kid has put 3 or 4 more creaks in the floor today alone with her near-constant jumping as high as she can followed by throwing herself to the floor to achieve the loudest boom possible. The list goes on.

It would all seem like normal(ish), except I feel like I’m getting sick. Best thing to do? Rest. Number One on the list of things that are impossible with two small awake children in the house? Rest.

It seems my body has chosen get through via anger-induced adrenaline. Not. Pretty. It also adds to the general feeling of sickness… What happened to the joy I’m supposed to feel when I look at my raging little doom monsters beautiful children?

The solution? I need a break. MOMMY BREAK TIME. That’s right: time to send the kiddos to Grandma’s house. Hey, everybody wins!

Excuse me. I have to (and can!) lay down now.

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6 Responses to On the Importance of Sufficient Mommy Break Time

  1. salpal1 says:

    super that you recognized what you needed and had a way to make it happen! Yeah to you and Grandma!

  2. This is great that you are taking some time to yourself! I am in the same boat, needing a little reminder from my hubby every once in a while to stop and paint, or take a shower, or eat dinner by myself without having to stop throughout to attempt to get food into my little ones mouth and not all over the floor, table, and TV. I also just finished an incredible book called “desperate” by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. It really helped me change my perspective and gave me an incredible amount of encouragement as a mother of a little one; needing to breathe and rest and be lead by God. I hope you have many enjoyable “you” times soon!

    • Hey, thank you! It is amazing how even just one hour of complete thoughts in a day can make a huge difference when it comes to feeling like a whole person, isn’t it? I hope the same for you!

      • It is true! My poor husband is bombarded the moment he gets in with me talking a mile a minute, just because I cannot wait to use complete sentences and have someone understand every word 🙂

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