Hey, Look At Me. I’m Blogging!

I almost gave up on this blog. It had become another thing to do.

Because I didn’t have enough to do.



Excuse me. Seriously, what mom with young children ever says that?

I had to take a break from blogging. My blog topics were getting to be too divergent, and I couldn’t keep up with, uh, me.

I’m not here to give tips. My original intent was to share my experiences. Especially the experiences that make me want to cry. Or hurt things. Or both.


From an outside perspective, the things the Helpful Kid (yes, it’s been that long) does to me are pretty funny. They aren’t usually funny at the time. If I can take a step back and laugh about it, then I won’t shed innocent blood take my frustration out on my usually well-meaning children.

So my life and my blogging need more focus. For some strange reason, I decided to focus on the life part first.

My blogging will mostly be about the Helpful Kid (4yo) and the baby. I mean new toddler. Ack! Yeees, it’s been that long. *sigh* Now that she’s a little older, I’m getting a better sense of her emerging personality. I’ll be calling her the Chatty Baby (15mo). Whaaat? So I’m not ready yet. She’s still so baby-like.

Here goes round 2: the misfit adventures of the Helpful Kid and the Chatty Baby.

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