Busy Hands and a Fiber Festival

**For those whose minds went to the gutter, well, shame on you.**

Wait, what month is it??! Well. It seems to be October.

How. Did. That. Happen.


So much has happened, I don’t even know where to start. I’ve had some tight knitting deadlines, and some frogging *sniiiiff* (for you non-knitters, that means I had to undo hours and hours and hours of hard work because a project wasn’t working out properly; and, no, I don’t know whence came the name (I’m watching you, gutter-brains o_O)). Painful but necessary.

Some projects were (and are) birthday presents. Let’s just say that I LOVE this book:


Last minute cool projects indeed.

I’ve been desperately trying to finish IJ’s aran sweater. Because I would like to work on other things. The projected project list is getting to be a mile long–kind of like the yarn used in this sweater… Working on the sleeves now, so I’m at the home stretch.


This sweater is the opposite of last minute. The “home stretch” will probably last another week and a half. Sad, I know.

He will wear it Every Day when it’s done. For the rest of his life. We might have to move to the Northern Territories to make that possible year round, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

No pressure, IJ.

Kidding! You. Will. Wear. It. Every. Day.

I should cut him some slack. He did take me and the girls to the Shenendoah Valley Fiber Festival last weekend. They all enjoyed the animals, the shepherding dog demo, and the food.


I, meanwhile, was miserable.

Because I could not buy All The Yarn.

But, anyway, here’s my haul.


Yes, I bought soap at a fiber festival. Made from goat milk. What? I like it.

Greedily, I bought 3 skeins of Alpaca With A Twist Fino (in pink and green). I told myself I would get one. But then I had to wait to check out because the lady was helping someone else… Alpaca and silk, people. I was powerless to resist.

The purple and pink skein is for a sweater for 3.75yo CE (aka the Helpful Toddler). It’s River’s Edge Fiber Arts Progressions fingering weight wool. I had a few different skeins in mind for her. I liked this one best, but I wanted her input to be sure. She was pouty because we didn’t pick up All The Yarn. I thought, “Get in line, kid.” But I wisely and measuredly persuaded her with rational discourse that this was the best choice that considered all the relevant factors.

I told her it looked like Twilight Sparkle’s hair.

My Little Pony to the rescue! The problem afterwards was getting her to let it go.

Truly, the SVFF was a lot of fun. My first visit to a fiber festival! I’ve been to lots of craft festivals. This festival was like those festivals, but most booths were selling yarn. Which is kinda what I always wanted those other festivals to be. It was heaven.

In other news, I would like to say getting up early is getting easier. But it still sucks big time is a bit of a struggle.

I’ve also committed to helping a Maryland lobby group get some legislation passed in the near future. We’re trying to legalize the practice of Certified Professional Midwives. I’ve got to get my social media on (whatever the hell that means), which means I probably won’t be posting here as often as I would like.

Life is a big mouthful right now. But, darn it, I aim to chew it!

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