Traveling, Celebrations, and… Liar, liar, pants on fire?

Trying to sit down and write a post after so long kind of feels like trying to call your spouse and accidentally dialing your grandma instead, and not realizing the mistake until she excitedly says, “Hello!” You can’t just hang up on grandma, but there’s a lot more catch up to follow than you necessarily have energy for.

At this point you’re thinking, “What on earth is she talking about? Apparently she went insane” (autocorrect went with inane–I think that fits, too) “in the last couple of weeks…”

WELL! Welcome back, me! Time to catch up. (Isn’t talking to yourself a sign of insanity? Shhh, nooo. You’re fiiiine. Oh, Ok. Good. Moving on.)

Me and the Approachable Man

**side note–I call IJ the Approachable Man because he has gotten asked for directions everywhere we’ve gone for as long as I’ve known him. I kid you not. He gives off this aura of friendliness and I-know-exactly-where-I-am-and-where-I’m-going-ness. If he were a superhero, he would be the Approachable Man. Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnhh**

The last few weeks have been packed. Our anniversary (7th!) was a few weeks ago, and IJ’s birthday was last week. Plus we spent Labor Day weekend visiting his folks.

We got married on my in-laws big beautiful rural property, old-fashioned-country-wedding style. Our friends came from all over and spent 3 days helping decorate, set up, cook, serve, and celebrate with us. The single best decision I made with regard to wedding prep (in retrospect) was my flower choice. All our flowers were wildflowers reaped from obliging roadsides. So every time we visit at the end of summer is a fresh reminder and renewal of the excitement of saying, “I do,” to my best friend.



I used flowers like goldenrod,  cornflowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, and whatever those fushia-colored flowers are in the picture, among others. It was nice to see the fields abloom again…

I wish traveling to his parents house had been as nice as being there was. We tried, and failed, to leave before the crack of dawn. We did manage to leave at a respectable 9am. And we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves until about an hour down the road…

… when we remembered that late morning and early afternoon, a.k.a. our travel time on said day, is the girls’ most wakeful period of the day. The girls were awake and FULL of energy and, uh, strapped into their car seats. Let’s just say we really thought the screaming couldn’t last the whole six hours drive. *cue desperate maniacal laughter*

IJ’s birthday was a nice quiet affair. I enjoyed putting his present together! I asked family and close friends to secretly write him letters of love and encouragement, and then bound them together.


It’s been a bit of a tough year all around, so it was encouraging for both of us to read everyone’s beautiful letters!

Plus, how can any birthday be less than awesome when there’s homemade chocolate mousse filled whole wheat chocolate cake? (Instructions will have to be in another post.)


His favorite. How. Could. It. Not. Be.

Add this amazing discovery at a wine store near his folks’ house


(no, not Twilight Sparkle), and you’ve got the makings of a perfect evening.

The Hungry Baby

In other news, 10mo TG is close to walking. I might have to change her pseudonym from The Hungry Baby to The Mobile Baby. She stands pretty solidly on her own now, and takes off walking when she has a hand to hold.

She also said her first non-“dada” word: Ouch. Let us just say that I am SO glad in that moment that I said, “ouch.”

The Helpful Toddler

Where do I start? She is SO industrious.  How about a small sampling?

She figured out how to drag the baby out of the crib all by her-Toddler-self.

She almost set her underwear on fire. And tried to lie about it (buh dum ching!). She put her underwear on top of the light bulb in the lamp (that I thought was out of reach) in her room. (Why??) And then turned the light on. IJ found it later when he walked into her room and smelled burning.

I was sick for my last post, and the cough lingered past all other symptoms. So I had been keeping a bag of cough drops in my knitting basket. Ninja-like, the Helpful Toddler got them out of my basket and into her bed, possibly while I was changing the baby’s diaper. I should have known something was up when she barely fussed at naptime. Her “goodnight” a little too bright. Her appetite at dinner a little too low. I was just glad my cough was getting better. Until IJ found the pile of wrappers under her blanket at bedtime.

Then, one day last week, I was getting the baby up and dressed. On my way by the girls’ room with the baby, I noticed 3.75yo CE sitting on a little chair in front of her door. Acting casual. I thought, “hmm,” but continued into my room to change fussy TG’s diaper. CE’s face registered mild alarm as I pushed past her to get into the room in pursuit of fresh clothes for the baby. But I could chalk that up to wanting the dog to stay out of her room. But then I noticed her sitting on the bottom rung of her loft bed ladder, acting super casual. And my heart sank. Upon being asked what she’s hiding, she gave me the super casual, “nuffing.” After a bit more run-around, I got her to show me what she was hiding under her pillow: my replacement cough drops. *forehead smack*

A few days ago, she somehow got ahold of the herbal bug spray. I thought we had lost it. Silly me. I think, perhaps, she just really wanted to see what the spray looks like as it’s being sprayed. It took us a long time to rinse her eyes sufficiently with water, mostly because she was screaming and fighting so hard to get away from the faucet.

And then last night, she broke my very favorite-ist mug I have ever bought. We had been going over holding fragile cups with two hands all day. I figured her last sip of the night from my special cup needn’t be so rigidly monitored.


I need to burn this image on my brain and file it under “stupid decisions regarding Toddler abilities” for future decision-making. It could save her life, after all. And my sanity.

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Lots of good stuff! And for the rest, I’ve been consoling myself with knitting while listening to audiobooks from the local library system via the Overdrive Media app on my phone. I recently discovered this app. I didn’t feel like I had time to read anymore until discovering this app. I have been missing OUT.

Plus I figure that relieving my Toddler-induced stress with yarn and a good yarn is far better than tearing my hair out by the roots. No?

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