Garden party!

The list of Things Of Which I Will Never Tire now includes:

Sowing a tiny seed in the ground, followed, in a few months, by reaping a full size vegetable which I can then feed to my family.

It gives new meaning to the phrase “reaping what you sow.” No…wait. Does it? I’m so confused…

Backyard Garden Revolution!


Aren’t they PRETTY?? Carrots are fun to grow. They have the Easter egg surprise factor going on, minus the bunnies (hence the fence). You can’t see how big they are until you pull ’em. I get little-kid excited every time. What? So I’m easily entertained.

It’s like a party, but in the garden. A garden party, you might say. Booze optional.

What are your favorite things to grow (or you would grow if you could)? What has the biggest “wow” factor?

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