Pressed Sandwich Kind Of Happy

Relatively few small appliances live in my kitchen. I prefer to have only workhorses. In my house that means the stuff we use all the time: the standing mixer, the food processor, the scale, the ice cream maker, and the waffle maker.

You don’t need to ask how often we do waffles and ice cream. It goes without saying.

I don’t feel the need to have every little specialty appliance in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. True confession: I want everything else. Especially the kitchen knives (darn you and your beautiful Wüstof, W-S). But the instant ice pop (tee hee, autocorrect thought it was ice poo) maker, the baby food maker, any bread machine ever, and the special scandanavian filled pancake maker are not on any wish list I have ever made. The thing for branding your initials on your grilled meat has definitely been scratched off.

All that being said, I have wanted a panini press for AGES. Grilled pressed sandwiches go in the same category as waffles and ice cream for us. AND, for mine and IJ’s upcoming anniversary, my mom and dad gave us this!


They love me. They also love coming over for dinner… The bestest awesomest thing about this? The reversible grill/griddle plates are replaceable with deep-pocket waffle plates.

Must. Have. Waffle. Plates.

That means a net appliance gain of zero. It means not having to find a new spot on the shelf for an extra appliance.  I told you it was the bestest awesomest thing.

Pictured on the press: (homegrown basil) pesto, (raw local grass-fed) cheddar, and (homemade grass-fed) meatball paninis (on fresh whole wheat sourdough focaccia).

What kind of panini would you all make?

**This is (obviously) not a product review. I received nothing in exchange for writing this post. We received the press in exchange for being our awesome married selves. I can probably be bribed with fine kitchen knives, though.**

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One Response to Pressed Sandwich Kind Of Happy

  1. ckmerchant says:

    OMG, these sandwiches look amazing! I am now fondly remembering your ice cream maker and the delicious cinnamon ice cream you made all of us when we came over to your new place in Arlington ages ago. (Nom nom nom) So great! And the phrase “ice poo” just cracked me up. Brilliant!

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