Sick Day = Knitting Update?

My husband’s new less-than-awesome schedule change has been difficult, even with my totally awesome chore chart. And now it’s finally caught up with me.

I dislike being sick (I know everyone else looooooooves it). Even more so being confined to bed. If it wasn’t for knitting, I would either go crazy, or get more sick. It means being productive even when I can’t do anything. Else. Can’t do anything else. Because if I’m knitting, I’m doing something. Something totally productive. Right? Right?

If you listen closely, you can hear the deepest, darkest primal fear of every homemaking mom who has ever been stuck in bed (and had to depend on her kids and her husband not to ruin the house in her absence to take care of her) breaking through my (hopefully) civilized facade.

Please tell me I’m still useful.

It’s tough. The work of a stay-at-home mom is cyclical. It’s not a matter of truly finishing anything. It’s all about staying ahead. And a day in bed means getting behind. And getting behind means my house looks like I don’t take care of it at all. Which makes my stay-at-home momishness look pretty useless.

Funny how that works, right? Many jobs produce a direct, tangible, and lasting result. Mine produces a direct consequence, which is (in my opinion) harder to connect to the work itself. The amount of work I do shows up in how healthy and happy my family is; that’s the consequence. The direct result is a clean house, or dinner on the table. If I miss a day, my house will be a mess and the fridge a little emptier. Therefore the direct result is lost. But my family is still generally happy and healthy, so the direct consequence remains.

I have trouble remembering that their health and happiness is only possible because of the work I do, even if my house is a mess.

Ok, good, got that complicated thought out (sick in bed here; what else was I going to do??), but it’s a bit of a rabbit trail. It’s not what I intended to write about. I intended a knitting update.

I finished this project the other day:


Cowls seem to be one of those things knitters make. A lot. I’ve been knitting for seven years now and this is my first. Hurray for me.

I felt I could no longer put off working on IJ’s aran sweater, what with all the blogger fall-sweater-in-time-for-fall knit-alongs going on right now. When I mentioned to him that I felt a little pressured by everyone else’s progress, he took the opportunity to casually mention that his birthday is at the beginning of September.

Ssssooooo, I’m making headway on the front section (back is done).


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad I was making progress…

Unscrupulous suggestions aside, it does help a knitter to feel loved when her hubby picks this kid’s book out at the library for their almost 4yo daughter:


It also helps when the non-knitting mother of the knitter stops by the new local yarn shop for just-because presents of said knitter.


Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool Light 

So pretty!

Ugh, okay I’m spent. That’s how I know I’m sick. I didn’t spend most of the day with the Helpful Toddler and I STILL feel wiped out. That, plus the rambling.

FYI, hubby and kids are doing a good job keeping the house running today. But not too good.

How do you all get through sick days?

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3 Responses to Sick Day = Knitting Update?

  1. Love the sweater – looks like it will be so cosy. I started to knit when I was going mental on bed rest during my twin pregnancy because as you are saying; knitting is doing something. Thanks for following my blog.

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