Carrots and beets that actually LOOK like carrots and beets?!

Just in case anyone is wondering…

I am VERY excited about this.


Aren’t they beautiful? Purple carrots, one lonely little orange carrot, and a couple chiogga beets.

I was just thinning the carrots a little, and out came, well…carrots. Expectedly so, I would say. Don’t judge me; I still think it’s a miracle when something I grew actually looks like it’s supposed to, OKAY?

As if that wasn’t enough, the scallions I planted a few days ago have already sprouted!


SEEEEEEEEE??! Okay, okay, it’s hard to see. The scallions are the little green things in the middle.

Looking forward to dinner! Yay, roasted root veggies!

Am I the only fully grown adult out there that still greets the wonder of the life cycle with childlike excitement (which includes just a touch of Peter Pan-ish “ah, the cleverness of me”)?

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Helpful Toddler is playing “bucket head” with her baby sister…

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