Vacation is Hard on Bloggin’ Mamas

Who says a watched garden doesn’t grow?

I do.

We left this dinky little garden for one week, thinking, “Seriously, how much can change in a week?”


See? Things were limping along, growing their little hearts out (yes, thank you, perfectly aware plants don’t have hearts). And then we came back to THIS:


Surprisingly, AFTER I cleaned it up a little.

Uh, what just happened? I swear I found a bug under the half-eaten collards crying, “Oh, the horror, the horror…”

I did finally manure and mulch the garden before we left, and my mom watered it while we were gone (during a heat wave), but this change is just ridiculous.

Well, I posted a few highlights from the first half of vacation. We spent the second half at my in-laws house while my in-laws continued in the first place. They live in a beautiful area that we haven’t been able to visit much lately (who knew having a 2nd baby would be so much work and cost so much money??), so we wanted to revisit some of our old favorites.

We did a little of this:


and a little of that:


Note: I’m not related to any of the people in this last picture. I snapped it as we were leaving rather than during because

Water + smart phone = Mommy-shaped puddle of sadness.

Anyway, we hiked; we swam; we relaxed; we ate awesome Japanese food. It was nice to get away!

AND vacation meant lots of extra time to KNIT! Squeeeee!

So I managed to finish a summer top I designed for the Helpful Toddler. And it’s now my FIRST ever design on Ravelry! I call it Summer by the Sea. So exciting!


There is truly no place as wonderful as a warm welcoming home of one’s own. Buuuuuuut…I’ll finish unpacking… tomorrow…

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4 Responses to Vacation is Hard on Bloggin’ Mamas

  1. Congratulations. The top looks amazing. Love the colours and the way the pattern works. Sounds like you had a really great holiday. Shame there is always work to do when you get back 😦 x

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