Life (with a toddler) is an Adventure (on steroids)

Yes, life is an adventure. But an adventure is also an adventure. An adventure with a toddler?


Okay, it’s not that bad. It just feels that way 95%, no, uh, 90%, or how about, oh, forget it sometimes.

So this is our first time vacationing with two kids (and Curious Pup). We are now outnumbered by the varmints. The trip has been somewhat challenging.

We left ridiculously early because our vacation destination (an island in the Northeast) has a rather unforgiving ferry as its sole means of access. Heaven help the man who misses his ferry reservation (actually we did once–not an adventure I’d care to repeat– though who doesn’t love the desperate late-night search for a dog-friendly motel and the extra $100 you didn’t expect to spend that goes with it?).

Ridiculously early means 4am to me. Mid-morning we decided to get something to eat and change the girls out of their pjs. We’d been driving for hours and hours, so, when we decided we wanted milkshakes, we momentarily forgot that non-fast-food places that sell milkshakes aren’t usually open at 9am.

So we settled for the Panera conveniently located across the street (thank you, Lord). After an unsuccessful attempt to explain the fallen state of man (read: why even Helpful Toddlers go to the bathroom to change), and an eruption from Mt. St. Toddler-Can’t-Wait (clothes flew everywhere), we were on our way again.

We made the ferry (hallelujah!), but our rental wasn’t quite ready for us when we arrived. So we decided to pass the time by going to our favorite swimming cove.

We changed, camp-style. Getting the girls into their bathing suits was a bit of an ordeal. I had to dig everyone’s suits out of bags. Plus water-shoes all around (rocky beach). And it was hot and sticky. And then sunscreen for everyone.

AndTHEN the Helpful Toddler announced she had to poop. Yeah, no bathroom to speak of. So girly had to learn how to do that camp-style as well (ha, we’ll be revisiting this).

So we get through all that and are finally ready to get in the water.

And we are greeted by this:


Big SIIIIIIIIIIGH! Lions mane jellyfish sting. This one was dead and we didn’t see others around, so IJ decided to dive in and see how the water is (like a man!).

FULL of jellyfish. You know, the tiny, almost invisible, non-stinging baby jellies? He said it wasn’t that bad, that it was up to me whether I wanted to get in… and then said it was like swimming in a sea full of EYEBALLS.

No. Just…no.

He actually described it as not that bad. Just… no…

Fortunately, the EYEBALLS, uh, I mean, jellyfish only lasted through the next day. I managed to get some good swimming in for the rest of our stay on the island.


At the cove


Shady baby jail while everyone else swam

MEANWHILE, the Helpful Toddler discovered two new loves: olives (pronounced “ol-voes” in toddler-speak–woe betide the man who takes her last green ol-vo!) and camp-style defecation.

Yes, you read that last part right. She had decided that she loves to poop out-of-doors. It took us several days to realize that she was specifically holding it for when we would go down to swim. And her twice-per-morning fruit smoothies (her Nana and I were both making them apparently) were only making things all the more exciting!

Isn’t vacation with a toddler SO RELAXING??

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