Clock cozy

IJ and I have had this clock since college and I insist on hanging it in the living room. Its tick is a comforting nostalgic sound for me now.

But it’s black. Since the main color in the room is leaf green (with bright white trim and ceiling), I (or rather the free but rather nice, chippendale couch that came with the house) chose rosy red, chocolate brown, and tan as accent colors.

As in, not black. In fact, black was clashing. But I love that little clock and thought I just had to live with it.

Until another blogger (sorry! can’t remember who) shared THIS.

Not only could I keep the same clock, I could make it match the room perfectly, even down to using the same yarn as my cushion cover over in the corner.

Yeah. Awesome! My crocheted edge skills are (obviously) a little rusty, buuuuut it’ll do.


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3 Responses to Clock cozy

  1. Such a clever idea. xx

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