All My Little Plant Babies Say, “Aaaaaahhh…”

I’m a baaaad blogger who’s double posting today with an update on the little garden experiment.

We upgraded the garden with some freecycled (yay, freecycle!) drip irrigation tubing.


Yeah, the sprinkler wasn’t cutting it. Either half the water flew over the edge, or it wouldn’t turn and, so, would water the same three spots…and wash away the plants.

In other words, that old sprinkler was about as helpful as the Helpful Toddler.

That’s what happened with the lettuce in the center and the carrots to the left. The drip irrigation should be a bit gentler.

Aaaaand, we finally put down the straw mulch!


No more wilting under the heat wave that’s hit us recently. We’d been holding out for organic straw, but the farmer didn’t call me back. That stuff’s hard to find!

It will still be mostly organic and totally HOME grown! Aaaaahhh…

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