Happy 4th!

We like to think we don’t spend Independence Day like your average American, but in the end, well…we do.

We started out blueberry picking at a local farm. The Helpful Toddler impressed me with her ability to put about as many in her basket as in her mouth!


This is a first. In the past, when we would visit Nana’s and Zeda’s blueberry bushes, she would helpfully eat all of the berries we put in the bucket when we weren’t looking. Anyway, she would eat those her daddy didn’t eat.

Like a losing battle…but not today! We came away with a whopping 4.5# of plump, sweet, sun-warmed blueberries.
Note: all of the ones the Helpful Toddler saved today were eaten by her in the car on the way home. Baby steps.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing these:


Rainbow Sock yarn from Expression Fiber Arts. I snagged a skein on her last batch. Fingerless glove pattern from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.

As I said, we’re still going to fulfill the stereotypical July 4th by kicking back with beer and grilled burgers.

… of course, those burgers will be local grass-fed beef. And they’ll be served with raw grass-fed cheese and greens and tomatoes from our garden. AND, most importantly, they’ll be served on SOURDOUGH focaccia.

I like to mold my burgers in a small square plastic container. The square shape works well with the square shape of the flat bread.


Ready to bake!

It means fresh ground whole wheat sourdough buns without all the hassle of shaping individual buns. I started this loaf this morning before leaving to pick blueberries.

Undecided about trying to find fireworks to watch tonight. Maybe we should just take turns throwing my new rainbow fingerless gloves in the air?

Anyway, happy 4th!

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