Remembering to Rest (May 22)

What a long day! Laundry, bathroom scrubbing, kitchen clean-up, mowing, dentist appointment (ugh), family run, cooking 3 bean chili with leftover focaccia…

Days like this are never followed by days like this. If I push myself extra hard one day to get things done (ex. mowing today since the weather forecast is for lots of rain), I always have to pay for it later. 

In all likelihood, tomorrow will look something like this: got out of bed, fed the kids, laid down on the couch while The Helpful Toddler wreaked havoc, had hubby make dinner…

I still have trouble accepting that having children follows this cycle as well. Some years require much unsustainable effort, and are followed by years of recovery. I dislike feeling weak (because everyone else just loves it, right?), but I need to remember that the difference between weakness and rest makes all the difference in the world. Getting sufficient rest will make me much stronger. Trying to appear stronger by skipping recovery will only make me weaker. 

I gotta remember it’s not only okay, but it’s healthier to take the TIME to recover. 

Dear Lord, please let my house survive if 3yo CE goes a little more unsupervised tomorrow!

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