“Mommy, I rea-y rea-y have to frow up.” This would be CE’s 4th attempt for the afternoon to get out of MOMMY BREAK TIME (aka nap time).

It has been suggested to me that she fights nap time so hard because she is ready to be done with it. 


The day she quietly says, “Okay, Mommy,” and heads off to bed meltdown-free will be more the thing. The day she can get through an afternoon without going Chernobyl because I cut the banana or poured the milk or melted the cheese, when she really didn’t want that (Who knew “yes” actually meant “no, and you’re a terrible person for suggesting it; how dare you ruin my life?”), will be the day l BEGIN to CONSIDER THINKING about the POSSIBlLITY that nap time has indeed been outgrown by said child.

As I said, it’s really called MOMMY BREAK TIME. All well-meaning advisors should be advised that the mom to whom they suggest kiddie nap time is no longer necessary might be outwardly polite but inwardly is contemplating whether a head butt to the face or clawing the eyes would hurt more.

My kids are learning a valuable lesson: when Mommy makes sure to take care of herself, she is able to take even better care of them. And let’s face it; most mom’s put their kids first. Before God, before themselves, before their spouses. Kids can’t handle that kind of responsibility. They want boundaries because boundaries, when enforced with empathy, show them that mom (and dad) care about their health, safety, and happiness. And boundaries can’t be enforced with empathy if Mommy can’t even collect her thoughts.

…Which happens frequently with A Helpful Toddler on the loose. Today, she managed to eat some strange berries in the yard, break a glass half full of chai, spill water all over the floor, and drag the baby around by her feet. And she’s been out with excuses to skip nap twice more while l’ve been working on this (no, she did not actually have to throw up).

If mama’s not happy, then ain’t nobody gonna be happy. 


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