Making running a family activity (May 2)

My feet are soooooore… Mowing the grass with my reel mower yesterday afternoon followed in the evening by a 3 mile run. Yep. I’m crazy. 

… crazy excited about dropping baby weight! I have finally made it back down to my pre-baby#2 weight! Now I get to start working on my pre-baby#1 weight. Didn’t quite make it last time around. 

That being said, it’s not really about the number. It’s not even about how fast I get there. For me, it’s about feeling like I don’t have the energy to do my job properly or keep up with my girls. About feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. I am slowly accepting that having children permanently changes my body, and (even more slowly) that those changes are for the better. So now I’m working on getting my energy back. 

Besides, running is only partly about getting in better shape. We go running as a family. My husband pushes 3yo CE and 6mo TG in the double jogging stroller we got on Craigslist and holds the leash for our 10# papillon Y (don’t let the size fool you, he runs like the wind for loooong distances, just like my husband), and I plod along next to them (plod being the key word). We go at my pace. So I get lots of exercise, husband and Y get a little, TG and CE get lots of fresh air and sunshine (plus the good example for making time for exercise and family time), and husband and I get to talk about how our day went while our kids are safely strapped in and contained. The endorphins don’t hurt either. 

I love this use of these lengthening Spring evenings. Everyone else seems to enjoy it as well. 

Also, pretty sure Y thinks he owns most of the neighborhood by now. 

But, of course, after a day like yesterday, my feet are feeling it. As I said, still have some baby weight to lose. On my way!

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