Making dinner takes ALL day sometimes.

Making dinner takes ALL day sometimes.

It is amazing to me how much work this picture represents in my house now.

For the simple salad (arugula, lettuce, and radish) in the upper left, we had to build and fill and plant and weed and water the garden–ongoing job. And then harvest (not a difficult job).

For the dinner roll, I had to manually mill the flour and make the dough early in the day (it IS sourdough), shape it in the afternoon, and bake it in the evening. Plus there’s the regular maintenance of the sourdough starter. AND I had to churn (okay, I did it with the standing mixer–directions still in the making) the cream and mold the butter.

The chicken and white bean soup was the shortest term work. Soak the beans, cook them with kombu, chop and cook vegetables, poach and chop the chicken, assemble, flavor (herbs and salt), and simmer.

What a boatload! It’s a good thing this food is so fortifying, or I wouldn’t have the energy to make it! How convenient that the cycle is self-sustaining.

The human body is such a cool machine. The more you use a man-made machine, the more it wears out. The more you use your human body, the more it builds up and strengthens… with proper care, nutrition, and rest.

Fearfully and wonderfully made y’all.

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2 Responses to Making dinner takes ALL day sometimes.

  1. joepyeweed1 says:

    It looks delicious!

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