Food (used to) = Hard Work (June 3)

Food (used to) = Hard Work (June 3)

I spent part of this morning renewing my appreciation for how much physical labor has obsolesced in first world countries these days. There are still jobs that require heavy labor these days, but it used to be that MOST jobs required heavy labor. Even small ones.

And it used to take 95% of the population to feed the population; now it takes something like 2% (can’t remember exactly). Machines have made it possible for people to have a greater variety of occupations, many of which are sedentary. And then people struggle to find time to exercise. Work and exercise were one and the same for thousands of years, right?

I do feel a greater sense of satisfaction when I’ve accomplished a task that requires considerable time and physical effort even than when completing a task that requires mental effort. Both are satisfying in their own way, but there’s a contentedness that accompanies the former… anyone know what I mean?

This is not to say I’m willing to give up my dishwasher, or standing mixer, or clothes washer. But it is good for the soul to appreciate just how much labor is saved by these machines.

Well, so I got to use the manual wheat mill today. At last! Focaccia is proofing as I write.

But, MAN, is that a work out! It took me half an hour to grind 4 cups of wheat berries–enough for a loaf of bread. 30 minutes. Thir.Ty.Min.Utes.

I had been feeling lately that my household chores were lacking somewhat in upper body exercise. Clipping bushes (lots and lots and lots of bushes) was helping a little. But, now? TRX and CrossFit ain’t got nothing on bread making.

That being said, I tossed the ingredients into the standing mixer and let it do THAT work. And was extra thankful for it!

I noticed that the Helpful Toddler managed to escape outside to her playset just before I got started with the milling. Sneaky kid.

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