Cloth Diaper fix

Cloth Diaper fix

We used these cloth diapers for CE, but we had to stop after a year and a half because they started repelling big time and the Velcro was having, uh, attachment issues. So we bought new diapers for TG. I didn’t want to get rid of these, though. You know, just in case we could figure out how to make them usable again.

Turns out blue Dawn is great for stripping down cloth diapers. At least it took care of the repelling problem for these. I solved the Velcro problem by putting a strip of new Velcro on top of the existing tabs. The existing tabs hold, but the tips curl up and then catch on clothing as she wiggles, and that is how they would come undone time and again. But no longer!

So basically a strip of Velcro cut from a $2 pack and a $1.25 bottle of blue Dawn saved about $400 worth of cloth diapers. Now if only we could have done this before spending the money on new ones…

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3 Responses to Cloth Diaper fix

  1. CDsimple says:

    Will this ‘fix’ fit into the laundry tabs? If not, how will you prevent diaper chains coming out of your laundry, or the velcro snagging into things in the wash?

    • The velcro strip doesn’t go in the wash–just transfers from diaper to diaper (so I only have to have a few laying around). The tabs on my diapers are already so worn that they only stick to other tabs. They do come out a few together sometimes, but only a few. I used to get the long chains when the tabs were newer. But, then, I didn’t need the extra velcro security! I like the bumgenius diapers, but I’ve always felt like the “laundry strips” inside the diaper were weak.

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