Baby Food Mill

Baby Food Mill

You know, William-Sonoma sells this thing for making your own baby food. Begins with a B or something. Fancy little gadget (W-S wouldn’t sell it otherwise, right?). Well, it steams the veggies, and purees them, and comes with this fancy little freezing tray. And costs $120. And requires extra work making baby food.

Or you could spend $12 on a plastic baby food mill (this one’s KidCo) and just feed the baby what you’re eating. BAM. Just like that.

The food mill is especially nice in the beginning when baby is only eating two bites at a time out of interest instead of hunger.

Later on, when she needs more quantity, I will make rice congee in the little slow cooker…and just mill it together with some of what we’re eating. Makes it easier to balance her meals. And you get a kid that eats what’s put in front of her as a toddler. Bonus!

I should give credit where credit is due. I used to make baby food (pureed in the food processor) and jar it or freeze it (lidded ice cube trays) and it was a lot if work to do alongside making from scratch meals for the rest of us everyday. And then I’d be disappointed and discouraged when she’d only eat two bites (talking about baby #1. So I was about to give up and buy baby food to go with the congee I was making. My mother-in-law said, “don’t do that, I’m going to send you something!” This mill arrived and has been a little miracle of baby feeding in my household ever since…

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