April 23 again

Just read an article (not going to repost, though, because the guy goes off a little at the end) about how ludicrous the demonization of raw milk is. According to the article, there have been 41 outbreaks of illness caused by pasteurized milk since 1980. In the same about of time, there have been 4 caused by raw milk. According to the CDC, you are 150 times more likely to get sick from raw milk than pasteurized milk. 

So if I’ve got my math right:
41 x 150 = 4.

Awesome. I think what they meant to say was, if you drink the stuff that’s so diseased it has to be pasteurized to be potable in its unpasteurized form, THEN it’s 150 times more likely to make you sick. 
Raw milk from healthy, pastured, grass-fed cows… Does the CDC even know what that is?

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