April 22

My yard is full of bushes and tall, tall trees. We haven’t had the house for very long, so rearranging the yard has been difficult to work in around the schedules and energy demanded by very small children… We can’t just start a garden. There are very few good sunny spots (thanks to the trees), and those spots are taken up by old, gnarled bushes. 

But progress has leaped ahead! One big bush gone, and now the best sunny spot in the whole yard contains a deep raised bed full of rich dark soil and compost. DIY like a champ! I suppose it’s a good day to plant a few seeds, being Earth Day and all. 

Starting small this year. Carrots, radishes, greens, herbs, and tomatoes. Plus an experiment with container potatoes. Three-year-old CE loves getting dirty and picking flowers. Let’s hope this translates to willing weeding in a few weeks… Let the learning experience begin.

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