A Chickadee Named Ginger.

A Chickadee Named Ginger.

I was out trimming bushes and things today. One thing that had to be cut back was a tree growing next to the deck that shoots sneaky sneaky branches out over the deck stairs. You know, the kind of branches you always remember JUST before you get a face full of leaves as you run up the stairs. Ugh.

Well, it seems a chickadee was taking a break on one of the branches I cut and got tangled and dragged down. I wonder if it was in shock, since it wouldn’t fly away again.

I told the Helpful Toddler to take a break from her usual brand of helpfulness and leave the poor thing alone so it had a chance to recover; and I put the Curious Pup inside. And got back to trimming since it looked like rain. A half-trimmed azalea might give my husband nightmares about his next haircut…

CE (running up excited): Mommy!!
Me (still working): What?!
CE: I pet Ginger!
Me: Who’s Gin…!! Did you just touch the bird?!
CE: nods enthusiastically
Me: What did I tell you about the bird?!
CE: You said don’t touch it. Isn’t she CUTE?!
Me:forehead smack

Well, I had to save the poor chickadee from the terrors of my backyard. It seemed relieved when I scooped it into the container. I took its picture and then released it OUTside the fence in a location UNdisclosed to the Helpful Toddler.

It has a fighting chance now.

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